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S Korean leader criticizes Japan during Hagel meeting
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S Korean leader criticizes Japan during Hagel meeting

首尔 -
South Korea’s president on Monday criticized Japan over historical and territorial disputes during a meeting with visiting U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel.
Seoul and Tokyo have long bickered over the ownership of tiny islets, a Japanese war shrine and other issues stemming from Japan’s colonial rule of the Korean Peninsula from 1910-1945. Their ties have further soured due to recent nationalistic events and remarks in Japan.


首尔和东京因为岛屿所有权,日本靖国神社等源于1910年至1945年日本殖民统治朝鲜半岛期间的问题早已争得不可开交。 他们的关系由于近期发生在日本的民族主义活动和言论而进一步恶化。

On Monday, President Park Geun-hye brought up the issue of South Koreans’ resentment when Hagel visited her during a four-day trip and expressed hopes for improved ties between Seoul and Japan.
“I know Japan is an important country to cooperate with for peace and stability in Northeast Asia ... but the trust has not been established due to the (Japanese) leadership which has repeatedly made regressive remarks” on history and territorial issues, Park said, according to a statement from her office.


根据她的办公室发表的?#29615;?#22768;明,?#23089;?#24800;说:“我知道日本是一个为了维护东北亚地区的和?#25509;?#31283;定需要与之合作的重要的国家...... 但由于日本领导层多次在历史和领土问题上发表倒退言论而尚未建立彼此间的互信。”

Park said many South Koreans are still suffering from the Japanese occupation, such as elderly Korean women who served as wartime sex slaves for Japanese troops during the World War II. “They’ve lived with deep (mental) scars but Japan has leveled insults against them rather than offering an apology,” Park said. She said Tokyo must show a sincere attitude to address the issue.

她还说在韩国仍有很多人因日军当年的侵略而遭受苦难,如在二战期间被日军充当战时性奴隶的韩国女性老人。 “她们已经在(精神上)深受创伤地活着,但日本却仍在对她们进行羞辱,而不是给出一个道歉。” ?#23089;?#24800;称,东京必须表现出真诚的态度来解决这个问题。

Conservative Japanese politicians such as Prime Minister Shinzo Abe have acknowledged “comfort women” existed, but deny they were coerced into prostitution, citing a lack of official evidence. Abe’s support for revising Japan’s pacifist Constitution and raising the profile of its military has also fueled unease in neighboring countries.


Despite their harsh history, South Korea and Japan are important trading partners. Both are U.S. allies and members of now-dormant international disarmament talks on North Korea’s nuclear weapons program.

尽管双方在历史问题上不快,韩国和日本仍是重要的贸易伙伴。 两者都是美国的盟友并且是现?#35328;?#20572;了的朝鲜核裁军谈判中的成员。

mikihouseOCT. 01, 2013 - 06:56AM JST
lets move on shall we SK? there are more important things to do. All you do is complain...your hatred will killl you.

南韩,让我们往前走吧? 还有更重要的事情要做。你们现在做的只是在抱怨...你们会被你们自己的仇恨杀掉的。

ChenchanOCT. 01, 2013 - 07:18AM JST
S Korean leader criticizes Japan during Hagel meeting
She uses every occasion to show her 'dissatisfaction' with Japan both in and out of South Korea. Report when she'll say something nice.


不管在国内外,她总是利用每一个场合来表现她对日本的不满。 ?#20154;?#20250;说点好听的东西时才报道吧。

KariHarukaOCT. 01, 2013 - 07:32AM JST
SK is whinging the only thing you know?
I swear they whinge at every chance possible.


CrazyJoeOCT. 01, 2013 - 07:54AM JST
There are times when you should keep your mouth shut.


JoeBigsOCT. 01, 2013 - 07:54AM JST
President Park Geun-hye has to toe the PRC line if she doesn't she will call from Kim Jong-un.
Tributary states must do as they are told.



spudmanOCT. 01, 2013 - 08:12AM JST
What was Hagel's response?


karjaiOCT. 01, 2013 - 08:49AM JST
Japan never learn their mistakes and keep on like this Abe never have a good relation with koreans and Chinese. If done something bad in the past, accept it and teach your younger generation to behave, not covered. The whole world know imperial japan army are rotten egg (worst than that).

日本从来没有?#40092;?#21040;自己的错误,并且一直是这样,例如安倍晋三从来没有与韩国或中国有过良好关系。 如果在过去做了一件坏事,你应该接受它并教育你的年轻一代,而不是去掩盖它。 全世界都知道日本帝国的军队是臭鸡蛋(甚至更烂)。

Get RealOCT. 01, 2013 - 08:58AM JST
What was Hagel's response?
Yawn-suppressing smile?


OssanAmericaOCT. 01, 2013 - 09:06AM JST
If South Korea wants to be China's truibutary state, that's fine. But if so I don't think a drop of American blood should be shed protecting them. If South Korea doesn't want to be part of the US lead alliance then we should pull all 28,000 troops out of there.

如果韩国想成为中国的?#25509;?#22269;,很好。 但如果是这样,我不认为美国应该流一滴血来保护他们。 如果韩国不希望成为美国联盟的一部分,那么我们就应该将那2万8的部队?#38450;?#37027;里。

yokattaOCT. 01, 2013 - 09:12AM JST
What's Hagel going to do about it? Nothing!!!

在这事上哈格尔会做些?#35009;?#21602;? ?#35009;?#20063;没有!

Mitch CohenOCT. 01, 2013 - 09:14AM JST
If South Korea doesn't want to be part of the US lead alliance then we should pull all 28,000 troops out of there.
28,000 Japanese troops in South Korea? That's news to me..

“如果韩国想成为中国的?#25509;?#22269;,很好。 但如果是这样,我不认为美国应该流一滴血来保护他们。 如果韩国不希望成为美国联盟的一部分,那么我们就应该将那2万8的部队?#38450;?#37027;里。”

在韩国有28,000日本军队? 这对我倒?#27465;?#26032;消息。。

Jack SternOCT. 01, 2013 - 09:24AM JST
The SK leader was expected to drop a few bad words about Japan. That's politics.


tyvtgo1USOCT. 01, 2013 - 09:37AM JST
More and more I look at south korea as just another brainless country like those residing in the land of China. What is the purpose for south Korea to be this way, maybe to be on the good side of China to say, hey we are your brothers in this nonsense of playing a fool in modern day times. Great to categorize South Korea in the same group as China, must make South Korea fell more superior in their international standing, I guess! NOT!!

我越看越觉得韩国只是一个没有头脑的国家,跟那些在中国大陆居住的人没?#35009;?#20004;样。 韩国这样做的目的是?#35009;矗?#20063;许只是为了讨好中国说,嘿,我们可是和你一起在当今犯傻的兄弟哈。 很高兴把韩国划到跟中国一类的国家,我猜这肯定会使韩国以为其国际地位更为优越。 别做梦了!

risugirlOCT. 01, 2013 - 09:40AM JST
Here we go again!!Your whining is taking forever...will you just stop now?


therougouOCT. 01, 2013 - 09:50AM JST
The whole world know imperial japan army are rotten egg (worst than that).
The whole world knows imperial japan army were a rotten egg. Only China and Korea are still living in the past.

全世界都知道日本帝国军队过去是臭鸡蛋。 只有中国和韩国仍然生活在?#27465;?#26102;期。

bannedacctsamOCT. 01, 2013 - 09:51AM JST
In all fairness to Pres Park, she was only responding to Chuck Hagel's statement of wishing a strong bond between Japan and SK. Pres Park was just expressing her perspective on the reasons for the deteriorating relationship.
BTW, Hagel and the Obama administration is well aware of the causes and reasons for the drift between Japan and S Korea.



hidingoutOCT. 01, 2013 - 09:54AM JST
“I know Japan is an important country to cooperate with for peace and stability in Northeast Asia ... but the trust has not been established due to the (Japanese) leadership which has repeatedly made regressive remarks” on history and territorial issues, Park said,
Falsehood number one. "The trust has not been established" because the ROK 1) reneges on historical agreements signed in good faith and 2) seeks to prolong old grudges by stirring up anti-Japanese sentiment within their own country (through a racist education system) and abroad (by locating little plaques to their suffering in places like New Jersey). ROK clearly cannot be trusted to abide by any agreements their government makes.
They (WW2 victims) have lived with deep (mental) scars but Japan has leveled insults against them rather than offering an apology.”
Falsehood number two. Apologies have been tendered aplenty. ROK accepts the apology (and the cash) and then turns around six months later and starts the whole process over again. Its a kind of extortion.
Park is an an embarrassment. But then from what I've seen most Koreans are beyond shame when it comes to this issue. Best just to ignore them.

“我知道日本是一个为了维护东北亚地区的和?#25509;?#31283;定需要与之合作的重要的国家...... 但由于日本领导层多次在历史和领土问题上发表倒退言论而尚未建立彼此间的互信。”

这是头号谎言!“信任尚未建立”是因为韩国 1)对以诚信签署的历史协议食言。2)为?#25628;?#38271;旧怨,在本国(通过一个种族主义者教育系统)和国外(在例如?#30053;?#35199;州这些地方竖立小?#21697;唬?#35793;注?#22909;?#22269;?#30053;?#35199;州政府在2013年通过决议案要求日本承认慰安妇问题的历史责任,并决定在该市中央公园建立慰安妇纪念雕像。)
挑起反日情绪。 我们显然不能够相信韩国人会遵守他们的政府签署的任何协议。


这是第二个谎言! 道歉已经有过很多次了。 韩国人接受道歉(还有钱),然后转过身六个月后,再次启动整个过程,这是一种敲诈!


GalapagosnoGairaishuOCT. 01, 2013 - 09:57AM JST
I wonder what Ms. Park thinks about her late father, who before Aug. 15, 1945 was a gung-ho officer in the Japanese Kwantung Army.


smithinjapanOCT. 01, 2013 - 10:23AM JST
hidingout: "ROK accepts the apology (and the cash) and then turns around six months later and starts the whole process over again"
You mean like the apology Abe wants to 'reinterpret'?


你的意思是像安倍晋三称要“重新?#25925;?rdquo; 道歉那样?

sircostiOCT. 01, 2013 - 10:26AM JST
"resident Park Geun-hye brought up the issue of South Koreans' resentment when Hagel visited". Yes, resentment promoted by a President who has not missed any opportunity to bash Japanese leaders and, at the same time, has missed every opportunity for rapprochement. She likes to project the image of a caring leader with the Korean public, and that of a forward-looking leader with the international audience, but her actions speak otherwise. Unfortunately, the international media has failed to scrutinize more this president's actions, both domestic (e.g., related to the spy agency scandal in Korea) and international (odd strategic choices).



pochanOCT. 01, 2013 - 10:30AM JST
but the trust has not been established due to the (Japanese) leadership which has repeatedly made regressive remarks
And what about your father? Are we going to admit that he was a fairly high ranking officer in the Imperial Japanese Army? You can't have it both ways. The hypocrisy here is astounding but I am sure that the average person in Korea has no knowledge of any WW2 history either.


你?#30422;自?#20040;样? 我们需要承认他是一个在日本帝国军队中地位相当高的官员吗? 你不能两者兼得。 这里的虚伪令人咋舌,但我相信,普通韩国人同样没有任何二战的历?#20998;?#35782;。

tyvtgo1USOCT. 01, 2013 - 10:52AM JST
Pretty funny that no matter how many apologies, money that flows out of Japan, especially over the years to China, nothing is enough for either S. Korea or China, enough is enough and besides, the US was involved also in this war as well and many troops were killed, and guess who our strongest Allie in Asia is today. Pretty silly this makes China and South Korea, the two that can not let history be one history. Stop brainwashing your people into a life of hatred!!!! I find this a total mental condition and not a good one. Japan is an advanced society that is made up of open everything. What is not taught in text books is totally open for the people of Japn to read and study from numerous sources, something totally different than the censored tactics in China and also the people of Japan today should not be demonized by some governments that will continually teach hatred and promote hatred within their societies against a people of a different era and of a different social order. This is totally wrong by China,but we know what the reason is behind the leaders of China's continual teaching of hate, so is S. Korea's reason as sickening as China's? It definitely sounds like it. Besides, I was had a lay over for about ten hours in south Korea once and stayed at the airport during that time and found S.Korean friendliness nonresistance, so I myself do not have much of a positive view of S. Korea as it is and can actually understand why S. Korea has such a face when it comes to anyone. I also have an American born Korean friend that himself do not like Koreans from Korea. Lol. Pretty funny huh? So it is sort of placing China and S.Korea in the same box as for mentality. Does South Korea actually like anyone? I mean what is the honest answer to that question? Maybe they love China, the ones supporting their most dangerous threat, North Korea. Hmmmmmm




另外,我在韩国呆过大概10个小时,在这?#38382;?#38388;里我一直呆在机场,我发现韩国人很友好,不?#30452;?#25152;以我本身对韩国人并没有太多的?#22909;?#21360;象,而且理解为?#35009;?#38889;国人会给他人这样一种印象。我还有一个在美国出生的韩国朋友,他很不?#19981;?#20174;韩国来的韩国人。哈哈,很有趣对吧? 因此,那是一种将中国和韩国归类到一起的心态。


smithinjapanOCT. 01, 2013 - 10:57AM JST
"And what about your father?"
It's really quite amazing to watch people come on here and demand SK forget history and 'move on' when it comes to the sex slave issue or other Japanese atrocities, then actually call SKoreans hypocrites when it comes to history and acknowledging things.
Pot meet kettle.


SamuraiBlueOCT. 01, 2013 - 11:26AM JST
It also quite amazing how this president of SK when visiting Vietnam last month stayed numb offering no apolgies towards the atrocities SK commited during the Vietnam war.
The difference is Vietnam didn't make a scene about it.


OssanAmericaOCT. 01, 2013 - 11:35AM JST
smithinjapanOct. 01, 2013 - 10:23AM JST "hidingout: "ROK accepts the apology (and the cash) and then turns around six months later and starts the whole process over again" You mean like the apology Abe wants to 'reinterpret'?
No he means the apology that South Korea received from Japan in 1965 and Treaty that South Korea signed which included payment to all korean indivuiduals who suffered, but that the South Korean government decided to spend instead on infrastructre and Pohang Steel, keeping it a secret from the people. Despite this South Korea continues to blame Japan annd deny their roile in WWII, pretending to be a victim on the same level as other Asian countries. Pathetic country.

“Smithinjapan hidingout:“韩国人接受道歉(还有钱),然后转过身六个月后,再次启动整个过程”   
   你的意思是像安倍晋三称要“重新?#25925;?rdquo; 道歉那样?”

不。他的意思是在1965年韩国就接受了道歉并且和日本签署了条约,其中包括支付给所有蒙受痛苦的韩国人的赔偿,但韩国政府决定把这些钱投?#20132;?#30784;建设和浦项钢铁上,并对全体国人隐瞒真相。尽管这样,韩国还在继续指责日本否认在二战中的责任,把自己装扮成跟其他亚洲国家一样的受害者。 真?#27465;?#21487;怜的国家。

tyvtgo1USOCT. 01, 2013 - 11:51AM JST
What is amazing with this topic is people so brainwashed that they can not let history stay just that, history! Just like Germany, we all let that come to rest, apologies where made. Now Japan apologizes again and again and , again,,, and what, more of the same hatred? For how long, the end of time? I could only imagine if Germans did to S. Koreans or Chinese, what Germany did to the Jews, I am certain that also would be going on today, the hatred branded intro the heads towards Germany, but guess what, people got over it and moved on, and now it is history, not forgotten, but all has moved on as a people and societies.

This is not the case in China or South Korea when it comes to Japan. Now people can try and explain how different all of this is, but the only differences are the people in China's society and South Korean society, due to the hatred that has been branded within the people's heads since birth. That is the only difference! Social abnormalities instilled by leaders for their own gain, that is a pity, more for S. Koreans than it is for the Chinese, because we have seen S. Korea as a more open society for many more years than in China, but yet they act the same, really sad to see such a similarity between the two societies. Makes one wonder just why South Koreans could be so far behind as a society such as China's which is a country that had been totally isolated for some 40 years or so and still censorship and filtering is implemented upon its society, and yet S. Koreans have such a similarity to that society. Where have you been during China's days of isolation S Korea???

最令人惊讶的是那些被洗脑了的人不肯?#32654;?#21490;留在过去! 就像德国,道完歉后所有的过去就都过去了。 现在日本一遍又一遍地道歉,得到了?#35009;矗?#26356;多的仇恨吗? 这要?#20013;?#21040;?#35009;?#26102;候?到世界末日那一天?


然而中国和韩国对待日本却不是这样。 现在,人们试着去解释这两者的区别,但唯一的区别就是在中国和韩国,人们从出生那天起就已经在大脑中被烙下了仇恨。 这就是唯一的区别!

不正常的社会让领导人可以为一?#26680;?#21033;去灌输思想,这是一件多么令人遗憾的事,且韩国比中国更令人遗憾,因为韩国作为一个比中国早很多年开放的社会,却采取了同样的行为,看到这两个社会之间的相似性我真的很伤心。 真不知道为?#35009;?#38889;国会变成这么一个落后的社会,就像中国,一个与世界隔离了40年,直到现在依然对社会进行封闭审查和过滤的国家,韩国跟它是那么的类似。


highball7OCT. 01, 2013 - 11:52AM JST
Hague's response was he understood the sensitive nature of the topic but both nations are important allies to the US. Standard comment.
For those who are complaining that Park shouldn't have raised this issue in this meeting. Well she's the President of SK and she can raise any issue at any meeting with a person of lesser status than she is.
Same thing with Abe who raised the same issues about China, SK and the kidnapped Japanese by NK with Kerry or Cameron just about any chance he gets. Heads of state can pretty much talk about anything as they please with any visiting officials. Hague is just a Secretary of Defense, he's not on the same level as Park so he'll just have to listen.

哈格尔的回应是,他理解这个话题的敏?#34892;裕?#20294;是这两个国家都是美国的重要盟友。 非常标准的回答。


同样的,安倍也在任何可能的场合向克里或卡梅伦提出针对中韩的同样问题,还有北韩绑架日本人的问题。 国家领导们?#36127;?#21487;以向任何来访的官员谈任何他想谈的事情。 哈格尔仅仅是一个国防部长,他跟朴根本不在一个级别上,所以他必须得?#24616;?#21548;着。

letsberealisticOCT. 01, 2013 - 12:00PM JST
It's sad when people complain about people leaders standing up for the rights of victims of crimes. And where does all this anti-Korea sentiment come from anyway?

当人们抱怨有领导人站出来为受害者权利说话的时候,这真令人难过。 还有这样的反韩情绪到?#36164;?#24590;样形成的?

lucabrasiOCT. 01, 2013 - 12:04PM JST
It's a bit unfair to mention that her father worked for the Japanese military, as if that somehow taints her. He lived in the world as it was then, not now. Gandhi's father was a high-ranking official in the British empire, but nobody holds that against Gandhi.
That said, there's a time and a place for everything, and Park doesn't come out of this very well.

说她?#30422;?#36807;去为日军工作有点不太厚道,仿佛有?#35009;?#19996;西玷污了她。 ?#30422;?#29983;活在当时的世界,而不是现在。 甘地的?#30422;资?#22823;英帝国的高级官员,但没人拿这个来说甘地。


(译注:甘地(Mahatma Gandhi),是印度民族解放运动的领导者,是现代印度的国父。他带领印度脱离英国的殖民统治,迈向独立。)

chucky3176OCT. 01, 2013 - 12:25PM JST
LOl.. Hagel asked Park, Korea and Japan should mend fences. Park replies, well, it's pretty hard to do that when Abe's government keeps insulting our WWII survivors, Japan has no interest in mending fences, so no go, and end of story. It was a really short answer to Hagel's question, really. Here's a news for you, what she's getting at is this, S.Korea and Japan doesn't need each other. S.Korea has abandoned Japan diplomatically. You guys can insult away all you like, but nothing changes. There are plenty of other countries in the globe that are more friendly, and S.Korea will concentrate on them.

哈哈 .. 哈格尔对朴瑾惠说,韩国和日本应该重修旧好。 朴回复说这在安倍政府不断羞辱韩国二战幸存者的情况下是相当困难的,日本人根本没有兴趣重修旧好所以没门,然后就这么完了。这是对哈格尔问题的一个非常短的回答,真的。

这对你们而言是一个信息,朴的意思是说,韩国和日本彼此并不需要对方。 韩国已经?#29260;?#20102;对日本的外交。 你们可以用任何想用的方法来羞辱对方,但对?#38382;?#19981;会有任何改变,这个世界上还有很多更友好的国家,韩国将专注于他们。

hkitagawaOCT. 01, 2013 - 12:32PM JST
Let's forget about war and think about peace and love  


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