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How Hitler Made Russia a Superpower
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After suffering more than twenty million military and civilian deaths in World War II Russia has little cause to thank Hitler.



But with Wednesday June 22 marking the seventy-fifth anniversary ofOperation Barbarossa the Nazi invasion of the Soviet unx it is time to recall one of history’s greatest ironies. Adolf Hitler was obsessed with turning Russia into a vast German colony and the Russian people into slaves. Instead half of Germany was occupied by the Red Army its people subjects of the Russian empire. When four million Nazi soldiers crossed the Soviet border in the early hours of June 22 1941 they dreamed of seeing the spires of the Kremlin. Instead they unleashed a chain of consequences that still shape the world today.


To claim that Russia was not a great power before Hitler would be silly. Abundant in territory resources and population Russia has been a heavyweight since at least the eighteenth century a behemoth strong enough to destroy the army of Napoleon (who also thought Russia would be easy prey). Yet three-quarters of a century later it is hard to appreciate just how different the global balance of power was back then.


What would Russia look like today if World War II had never happened? What if Hitler had remained a failed painter in Vienna or had been blown up by an assassin’s bomb in a Munich beer hall?


Mixed News R26; 18 hours ago
Actually Hitler made USA superpower as well.


Superbizon Rus Mixed News R26; 17 hours ago
The ONLY country that BENEFITED from WWII was the USA


kduble Superbizon Rus R26; 14 hours ago
The USSR was the only nation to have gained territory as a result of the war.


redeye18477 kduble R26; 12 hours ago
The USA occupied western Europe since then. The USA gained much too


Tim Rutkevich kduble R26; 4 hours ago
Actually many countries did gain territories: Poland Romania. Now that USSR does not exist: Lithuania Latvia and Estonia also gained territories. Along with Ukraine. Old story: in Yalta US president told Stalin that Lvov was never part of Russian Empire for which Stalin replied but Warsaw was. The question was closed


Keefer Superbizon Rus R26; 16 hours ago
the real question at that point would be which (if any) of the 3 "winners" used its position to actually make the world a better place - or at least tried?


Anthony Papagallo Superbizon Rus R26; 15 hours ago
Hitler turned America from a race of honourable people into cockroaches crawling over the earth like a biblical plague.


V. Olya Anthony Papagallo R26; 13 hours ago
Anytime someone uses the word "race" to refer to an ethnic group or a country's inhabitants you can be sure what follows will be twaddle or worse. Thanks for the illustration.


rll Anthony Papagallo R26; 4 hours ago
Trump wants to build a wall to keep people out not keep people in. It's real simple. If you are a US citizen get a passport and leave. If you are an illegal just go back form where you came.
As far as Europe they have become impotent and are paying the price. Additionally America is not a race.


disqus_rh61KtQq3S Anthony Papagallo R26; 10 hours ago
Yeah right. That's why everyone wants to live here and copies our culture. You're jealous.


Mihail disqus_rh61KtQq3S R26; 5 hours ago
riiiiight !!))) by copying you mean forced into that culture by being bombed to dust?


Stan R Superbizon Rus R26; 13 hours ago
Germany rebuilt with Marshall Plan benefited from the war. Stalin and Soviet unx outsmarted the Allies in Yalta and benefited from the war. United States managed to turn the tables against Germany and the Allies armed Soviest at the last leg of the war to help Soviets to attack Germans from the East. Soviets were not capable to win the war alone without the help of the Allies.


Mihail Stan R R26; 13 hours ago
Soviets were capable and ready of taking over the whole of Western Europe the only reason why they didn't is because Allies FINALLY opened a second front in 1944 when they realized that all of Europe will become communist if they don't act.
your view of history is very biased and is not based on any evidence or clear thinking...


Anthony Siciliano Mihail R26; 5 hours ago
Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! YOUR view of history sounds like it came straight from the pages of Pravda! (It probably did) The real Allies (Britain U.S. and Free French) had been battling the Axis in North Africa and Italy prior to D-Day? Who do you think chased the Axis out of North Africa? Stalin? Pfft! Oh by the way the only reason (the ONLY reason) the Axis didn't overrun the USSR to Omsk was because of American Lend-Lease. You Turko-Mongolian swine to this day try to pish-posh it but the fact remains all that American aid saved your collective red behinds. No less than Nikita Khrushchev (in a rare display of candor) admitted to that once.


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