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Russia can turn U.S. to radioactive ash
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Russia can turn U.S. to radioactive ash:Kremlin-backed journalist


By Lidia Kelly

MOSCOW (Reuters) - A Kremlin-backedjournalist issued a stark warning to the United States about Moscow's nuclearcapabilities on Sunday as the White House threatened sanctions over Crimea'sreferendum on union   with Russia."Russia is the only country in theworld that is realistically capable of turning the United States intoradioactive ash," television presenter Dmitry Kiselyov said on his weeklycurrent affairs show.Behind him was a backdrop of a mushroomcloud following a nuclear blast.

莫斯科(路透社)- 由于白宫威胁要对克里米亚的公?#37117;?#20837;俄罗斯进行制裁,周日,一位拥护克里姆林宫的记者,凭着俄罗斯的核力量向美国发出严厉警告。“俄罗斯是世界上唯一一位有能力把美国变成核尘埃的国家”电视节目主持?#35828;旅?#29305;里基舍列夫,在他的每周时事节目中说道,(同时)在他后面的?#23576;?#22681;正显示核爆炸产生的蘑菇云

Kiselyov was named by President Vladimir Putin inDecember as the head of a new state news agency whose task will be to portrayRussia in the best possible light.His remarks took a propaganda war overevents in Ukraine to a new level as tensions rise in the East-West standoffover Crimea, a southern Ukrainian region which is now in Russian forces' handsand voted on Sunday on union   with Russia.



Military planes fly over Red Square inMoscow during the Victory Day celebration, May 9, 2009. (REUTERS/MikhailVoskresensky)


Russian television showed images of ethnicRussians in Crimea dancing, singing and celebrating the referendum but followedthem with accusations that Kiev's new authorities and the West have allowedultra-nationalists to attack Russian-speakers in eastern Ukraine.Kiev and the West blame the violence ineastern Ukraine on pro-Russian groups and say the Crimea referendum isillegitimate. The United States has warned of imminent sanctions againstMoscow.



Kiselyov is an outspoken defender of Putinand once caused outrage by saying the organs of homosexuals should not be usedin transplants.His show portrayed the Ukrainianauthorities as unable to maintain law and order. Putin made a similar charge ina telephone conversation with U.S. President Barack Obama on Sunday.


Such remarks have caused concern in Kievthat Moscow might send troops to eastern Ukraine, acting on a vote in Russianparliament allowing him to use the armed forces if compatriots are deemed inneed of protection in Ukraine.As the crisis escalated, the news inRussia has taken on shades of Soviet-era propaganda, with reporters peppering reports with references to what they say wasthe cooperation of some Ukrainians with the Nazis in World War Two.There is also now growing menace in someof the reports, as well as echoes of the Cold War.


Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev giftedCrimea to Ukraine in 1954, when Ukraine and Russia were both parts of theSoviet union  .Many people in Crimea hope union   withRussia will bring better living conditions and make them citizens of a countrycapable of asserting itself on the world stage.Others see the referendum as a land grabby the Kremlin as Ukraine's new rulers try to move the country towards theEuropean union   and away from Russia's sway.


(Additional reportingby Maria Kiselyova; Writing by Lidia Kelly, Editing by Timothy Heritage)

Elliot 1 day ago 484 188
The first stepis to tell Russia they have 24 hours to remove their troops from the Crimea. Atexactly 24:01 we should destroy the Russian Fleet safeguarding Syria. Follow upwith an immediate strike and destruction of the Black Sea fleet. The RussianNaval vessels are old, out-dated and poorly maintained. After we remove theRussian navy from both areas of conflict we should pour twenty thousand troopsand two hundred Abram tanks into Kiev. The Russians saw what our tanks did totheir equipment in Iraq. Two hundred Abrams will destroy every tank theRussians have. Follow up by creating a no fly zone in Syria and arm thelegitimate people's army to overthrow Assad.

Putin is no dummy. His nuclear weapons are so old and outdated that they can'teven be fueled properly. His finger will never touch the red button. He may bea KGB thug but he is not stupid. Don't wait for our so-called chicken#$%$allies from Europe to step up. They don't have the stomach or the courage tosupport the action.
Finally drive every Russian troop back to Russia. Walk softly and carry a bigstick. Eat #$%$ Putin.ExpandReplies (124) Reply



M. 1 day ago 29 1.2k
Headline:“Russia can turn U.S. to radioactive ash.”
Response: Indeed. This has been public knowledge for 50 years. It is alsopublic knowledge that the US can do the same thing to Russia. It is called theprinciple of “Mutually Assured Destruction.” There is absolutely nothing newhere.
(quote): “Kiselyov was named by President Vladimir Putin in December as thehead of a new state news agency whose task will be to portray Russia in thebest possible light.” (end quote)Response: AdolphHitler did the same thing with Joseph Goebbels, who he made the Reich Ministerof Propaganda.
Moral: “K-bob” is just another journalist that can be ignored. Most Americanjournalists should also be ignored.ExpandReplies (102) Reply



Electoneman 20 hours ago 9 236
I honestlythought we'd seen the last of this type of rhetoric in the late 80s. What thehell is going on here? Are we really ready to step back into the nastiness ofthe Cold War? Who the hell is this moron and why the fuck is he spewing thiskind of garbage out of his mouth. Does the annihilation of the human race makehim smile deep down inside or has he forgotten that the US has 500 MinutemanIII missiles, and countless SLBM subs ready to turn Russia into an equal moundof fiery ash as well? What a complete imbecile.ExpandReplies (53) Reply

我真的认为我们已经看到了只有在80年代末才看到的这类最后的修辞。这究竟TMD怎么了?我们真的要重新走进冷战的那?#20013;?#38505;中了吗?这?#30431;?#30340;SB是谁?那欠干的为啥要满嘴喷粪。人类灭绝能他让发自内心深处的微笑,别忘了我们有500个民兵Ⅲ导弹,无数的弹道导弹潜艇同样的也可以把俄罗斯变成炽热的灰渣?#30475;看?#23601;是个脑?#23567;?br />

Fnerfluous 1 day ago 189 88
Don't forgetthese man's words. Don't forget that we have an impotent "president"who will do NOTHING to stop the illegal annexation of Crimea, or the pendinginvasion of Ukraine.ExpandReplies (47) Reply


michael 18 seconds ago 0 0
we have GeorgeWashington.


Lynn 6 minutes ago 0 1
Great Obama'sforeign policy has set us back 50 years. Kinda makes you a little nostalgic....

?#25353;?#30340;奥巴马的外交政策已经让我们倒退了50年,会让你有点?#23576;?br />

Disch22 12 hours ago 2 16
Why is thisour problem. Let the EU take care of it.


Shadofax 1 day ago 23 58
Putin murdersjournalist, so it is very hard to find credibility in a journalist claiming tobe knowledgeable about Military matters.ExpandReplies (7) Reply


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