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Vietnamese have voiced out their anger regarding a Beijing restaurant’s refusal to serve customers from countries locked in maritime territorial disputes with China. The restaurant has put up signs on its windows that said, “This shop does not welcome Japanese, Filipinos, and Vietnamese, and dogs,” according to a photo posted by a Chinese-American user on Facebook last week.



The restaurant’s actions has drawn strong criticism in Vietnam, where tensions over the Spratly and Paracel islands have sparked a series of anti-China protests over the past two years. Lawyer Le Hieu Dang said he thought Chinese authorities’ should have taken action against the restaurant owner. “They should have told the restaurant to take that note off and disciplined them because that insults other people in the world. It is racism. The Beijing government should have strong measures against that,” he added. He said the racism evident in the sign was similar to China’s “bullying” of its smaller neighbors in its foreign policy.

“I think people around the world will have strong reactions against this extreme nationalism, which shows the hatred between nations and how big country bullies small countries,” he said.

该餐馆的行动在越南遭到强烈谴责,过去两年来斯普特莱利群岛和帕拉塞尔群?#28023;?#35793;注:Spratly and Paracel islands即我国西沙和南沙群?#28023;?#26576;些外国?#25628;?#29992;的殖民主义者对我国这两个群岛的称呼)的紧张局势引发了一连串的反华示威活动。Le Hieu Dang律师表示他认为中国?#26412;?#24212;对该餐馆的店主采取行动。


The owner of the restaurant in Beijing’s Houhai neighborhood, told BBC News this week that he didn’t care what others felt about the sign, and that he had put it up out of “patriotism.” He also said he has gotten support from his Chinese customers. George P. Jan, a U.S.-based former professor of Chinese politics, said that the views of one restaurant owner should not be taken as representative of all of China. “This sign does not represent the attitude of most Chinese people. I think it is unwise and emotional. Chinese people are not opposed to all Japanese, Filipinos, or Vietnamese indiscriminately,” he said. He said nationalism could cause people to get carried away with their views.

店主的餐馆在北京后海,本周他的邻居告诉BBC,他(指店主)才不在意其他人对这招贴的感受,他贴这招贴是出于“爱国主义”。他?#39038;?#24471;到了中国客人的支持。George P. Jan, 现居于美国的前中国政治学教授表示这只是一个餐馆店主的观点并不能代表全中国。“这个招贴并不代表绝大多数中国人的态度,我认为这是愚蠢和冲动的。”他表示民族主义会导致人们因自己的观点而得意忘形。

China is currently embroiled in territorial disputes with Japan over islands in the East China Sea, and with the Philippines and Vietnam over islands in the South China Sea. Tensions with Japan over the disputes boiled over into a wave of anti-Japanese protests in numerous Chinese cities last fall. George P. Jan.


Far East?a day ago
One more evidence for the United Nations Human Rights Council (on top of religious freedom oppression, freedom of speech, organ harvesting, etc), and one more incentive to remove China from its UN Security Council seat.
This initiative by this shop owner is the clear result of the work by the Chinese Government to stir and bolster nationalist sentiment and hatred against other Asian countries.


Ben回复 Far East?11 hours ago
Oh of course there is absolutely no racism in the US. None what so ever.


Far East回复 Ben?9 hours ago
Racism is human so it exists everywhere, but you won't see the U.S. government instigate people in hating Chinese or organizing riots against Chinese assets in the U.S. just to snap some islands.


Whirled Peas 回复Ben?7 hours ago
Sure there is racism in the U.S. like everywhere But there are also mechanisms to challenge racism. it's a dangerous precedent when a government sanctions or turns a blind eye to discrimination within its borders toward people from a country with which it is currently having a disagreement.


What if we Americans got brainwashed by our gov't to believe China was the sole cause of unemployment in America, and we decided to boycott Chinese products, and vandalize Chinese and Chinese-American restaurants and businesses.
And what if non-Chinese restaurant owners put up signs saying "No Chinese Allowed." Well, I and many people I know would be on the front lines protesting this kind of unfair and irrational behavior. I hope there are enlightened Chinese citizens in China who are doing the same.


Ben 回复Whirled Peas?6 hours ago
So let me get this straight... your insisting that the government instigated this? That's based on what? Your assumption? I'm not even going to touch Romney's campaign of labeling China a currency manipulator because that's exactly what the GOP wants their constituents to believe in order to offer the solution of blaming it all on China. And the no Chinese Allowed. Are you saying that's never happened in the US? I also remember Japanese internment, I also remember signs that said no Irish dogs allowed. Or perhaps the Chinese exclusion act, its something the government SIGNED INTO LAW. Sure its all in the past but that doesn't change the fact that it happened under a Democratic Government. You're also saying the protest in Vietnam against the Chinese of course couldn't have involved the government right? But a similar reaction to the Japanese in China HAS to be government instigated right?

那我们就直说了吧…你坚称是政府策划了这出?#32602;?#36825;基于什么呢?你的假设?我可从来没去接触过罗姆尼给中国贴上货?#20063;?#32437;国标签的活动,因为这完全就是老大党(译注:Grand Old Party 大老党,即美国共和党的别称)想要他们的选民相信解决问题的方案就是都归咎于中国。还有关于华人禁止入内 的事,你说这事情美国就从来没发生过吗?

我还记得日裔拘留?#24405;?#35793;注:可能指的是日本偷袭珍珠港后,美国将大批日裔美国人当做“战时敌人”关进集中营收容的?#24405;?#25105;?#19981;?#35760;得那个 爱尔兰狗崽?#29992;?#31105;止入内 的?#20449;啤?#20063;许这起中国人拒客?#24405;?#24471;到了政府的许可。但是这也不能改变过去在民主政府的治下也曾经发生过(类似?#24405;?#30340;事实。你?#39038;?#22312;越南发生的反华示威并不涉及(越南)政府在幕后指使?可是相同的情况下,在中国发生反日示威就有(中国)政府在教唆了?

And of course burning Chinese flags and vandalizing Chinese owned stores in the Philippines and the hostages being killed because of a corrupt Philippines police system and not owning any responsibility to it, well we'll just ignore that. Both you, Whirled Pea AND Far East comments are full of contradictions. Also this fact is ONLY known because of a Chinese American posting it, or did you miss that? The government in the Philippines and Vietnam are just as if not more corrupt than in China. Please don't get a high horse and pretend they are somehow better by using a isolated event such as this to label and entire country.

以及在菲律宾焚烧中国国旗,?#28872;?#27585;坏中国人开的店铺,还有因为腐败的菲律宾警察机构和他们的不作为导致人?#26102;?#26432;这些事。好,就让我们忽视这些吧。你们俩,Whirled Peas还有Far East的帖子里充满了相互矛盾。但事实上(拒客招贴)这事被大家知道还是一位美国华裔发的帖子,怎么你是不是漏掉了这点?菲律宾政府和越南政府比中国ZF好不到哪里去,请不要摆出趾高气昂的样子,而?#19968;?#31216;他们在此类利用孤立?#24405;?#32473;整个国家扣帽子方面做的比中国要好。

Whirled Peas 回复Ben?5 hours ago
Relax, I was responding to your sarcastic statement that "Oh of course there is absolutely no racism in the US. None what so ever" If you had said, "What's happening with the restaurant owner is wrong, but it has parallels in other countries and times", you would have gotten an entirely different response from me. I cannot much tolerate a person downplaying something that is wrong in one country by pointing to some other countries past or present injustices. You need not lecture me on the sordid history of discrimination against Asian Americans and other people of color, nor the history of American imperialism in Vietnam and elsewhere.


I'm not saying the Chinese gov't instigated this restaurant problem (not everything that happens comes straight from Beijing) but wouldn't you agree it would be dangerous for the Chinese government to not nip this restaurant problem in the bud before the problem escalates? If it doesn't then IMO it is tacit approval.


It is precisely drawing from what I see can happen to ethnic groups in America when America has a conflict with those group's countries of origin (whether it be the Japanese-Americans being interned in WWII or now people of the Middle East being profiled and bashed in the media) that concerns me when I see this sort of thing happening anywhere. Yes, I see parallels. And don't worry, I'm not labeling an entire country. As I said, I hope there are enlightened citizens who will step forward. And hopefully the government will do some quick intervention too. WP


Whirled Peas
Thinking about this a bit more, the restaurant owner should NOT BE FORCED to serve Vietnamese, Pilipinos, Japanese, and dogs. This will probably make things worse. People tend to dig their heels in when forced and feel like they're the victim. People should try to reason with the owner and over time he might change. Government intervention might be in the form of making some kind of statement to the public that "though we have disputes with the governments of x, y, and z countries we must strive to honor people to people relations, and remember that we have many hard-working community members who immigrated from these countries and are now part of our country." At least that is what an organization I've worked with has urged of the US gov't and media vis a vis middle eastern people.



Ben 回复Whirled Peas?4 hours ago
I'm more responding to "(on top of religious freedom oppression, freedom of speech, organ harvesting, etc), and one more incentive to remove China from its UN Security Council seat." It sounded like you're in the same boat that's why the flame. I think what this restaurant did is definitely wrong but its still an isolated case. However using this as a premise to put in your talking points to bash China and then getting the UN Security Council involved is rather ignorant of "Far East".

我要?#38405;?#21477;“(除此以外还有压迫宗教?#26434;桑?#35328;论?#26434;桑?#25688;除人体器官,等等)。又多了一个把中国驱离联合国安理会席位的诱因。”多说几句,我之所以愤怒是因为看上去你和这?#19968;?#26159;一条船上的,我知道这家餐馆做的当然不对但是这只是个孤立?#24405;?#26080;不管怎样?#28304;?#20026;前提放进你的论据来攻击中国接着?#27542;?#19978;联合国安理会的是那个极端无知的“Far East”。

I'm glad you see parallels so then by that logic no one on the UN Security Council should have a seat if we're holding this standard. It would be great if the government did do something, but since they are not omnipotent what makes you think they know this is happening? Even if something like this happened here, would the US government know immediately it happened or would it take the media to get the news out first before the government can act? How do you know they didn't do something already? Do you know the date this was taken? No its all an assumption, but here at least it doesn't take more than that for people to make conclusions. I condemn this act and I think its childish and racist, but I'm not going to use it to bash their government.



I'm also not going to use events that has nothing to do with the government to bash it or the other billion or so people. There are tons of racists in this country, but its not really the fault of the government is it? I'm also aware that the Chinese government will crack down on some protest and just keep the peace on some other protests. Of course I oppose that ideology but this isn't exactly a protest is it? Its a sign on a store window, does the Federal Government really need to get involved on this one? If I use a racial slur against someone, should the government be sending the FBI after me?



Soul回复 Ben?3 hours ago
I am very sorry, but " the protest in Vietnam against the Chinese of course could have involved the government"??? Have you ever go to Vietnam??? They government banned and imprison anyone trying making some demonstration against China's movement in South China Sea, they say that " anyone who against China's government is Vietnamese's rebellion, betrayed, and received money from terrorism. During last week, while Chinese going to worship their 1979 war even, Vietnam government banned anyone trying to worship their Vietnamese soldiers had died in that war. They don't let anyone sent even flowers to 1979 war victim's cemetery. They destroy any of Memorial building about 1979 event, even Vietnam citizen trying to protect these bulding. If you still talk that they Vietnam goverment trying to made Vietnamese against Chinese's idea, can you say what they have to do more????? We need made temple for any of Chinese civilian and call them are god?




eyedrd?16 hours ago
The rise of Chinese racist nationalism due to maritime disputes.


Tacoma?18 hours ago
That is another example of results of Chinese education system and traditional culture . As long as people over there doesn't want accept civilization culture and change their education system completely, they will stay that way till god make change. No matter how many universities they have, how much money they make, how many iPhone they have, Chinese still totally disconnected with civilization.


Reminds me of my time in Japan. In Hokkaido they had more then few bars and restaurants that wouldn't serve Gaijins. They even had signs up, No service for Gaijins.


Byebyekitty回复 hellokittydemonaiser?8 hours ago
I am Gaijin and living in Hokkaido. Could you show me that restaurant???


Tran-VN 回复hellokittydemonaiser?8 hours ago
?Hahahah, he had posted this type of crap in GT CN last year, but could not name the restaurant...


Far East回复 hellokittydemonaiser?9 hours ago
?Really? Give me the names and I'll go check it out, since I go to Hokkaido often. So far, I have never seen what you claim. Never seen any of that anywhere in Japan actually.


-observer-?3 hours ago
I asked my Chinese friend and he was appalled by the actions of the restaurant owner. Funny that there is even a term for these people in China. The direct translation is "Loving your Country Thief" It literally means that one is loving their own country and robbing it at the same time. As stated previously, its a shame that people profit from racism. Punishment to the restaurant owner should be serve. Please keep following this story.

我问了我的中国朋友,他对这位店主的行为感到震惊。搞笑的是中国就有这么一类人。直译就是“爱国贼”,?#32622;?#19978;意思就是一个人爱着他的祖国与此同时却又在劫掠他的祖国。如前文所示,这种人出于种族主义是?#27801;?#30340;。必须?#22836;?#36825;个餐馆店主。请继续关注这个?#24405;?br />

JeetKuneDo?4 hours ago
the sign is also a reference to a scene in the Bruce Lee film 'Fist of Fury'.

这招贴来自李小龙的电?#21834;?#31934;武门》中的一个场?#21834;?br />
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