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BEIJING – A Chinese news agency says more than 2,000 Chinese have been evacuated from Japan's northeast following radiation leaks at a nuclear power plant.
The China News Service quoted a spokesman of the Chinese Embassy in Tokyo, Deng Wei, as saying that more than 2,000 people were evacuated from Miyagi, Fukushima, Ibaraki and other quake-hit areas by Wednesday morning and taken to Tokyo and Niigata.

A spokesman for the Chinese Embassy in Tokyo said on its website about 33,000 Chinese were in Miyagi, Fukushima, Ibaraki and Iwate prefectures, the hardest-hit provinces.

Xinhua News Agency says Chinese airlines are adding flights to Japan to help with the evacuation.Other countries have advised their citizens to leave the stricken area or avoid travel to Japan.




Karma Tue Mar 15, 2011 10:38 am PDT Report Abuse
$50 million worth of blankets, emergency lights, and tents have left China for Japan. I guess it's good to have massive production capacity in the area as freezing rains set in. Those that can leave the 4 prefectures SHOULD LEAVE by any means. China is doing the right thing. The only people that should go in are those that can contribute.


Alfanewmarik 9 hours ago Report Abuse
Japan aided China during the Sichuan earthquake. Regardless of political views, there's nothing to gain by giving Japan a bio-bomb, especially when Japanese infrastructure is so fragile and the U.S. has its navy right there.

日本在中国四川地震的时候也给于援助。无论政治立场如何,给日本生化武器没有任?#25105;?#20041;。尤其是现在日本的建筑如此脆弱,美国海军就在?#21592;摺?br />

Deliverance 22 hours ago Report Abuse
Give them fake rice , fake noodles , fake milk .


down.1Yohani 22 hours ago Report Abuse
You are full of hate and paranoia
Luckily, neither the Chinese nor the Japanese are like you.


down.0David 19 hours ago Report Abuse
*HockeyBliss87*, you are a piece of @#$%!


God Is Watching Yall 19 hours ago Report Abuse
love that hate dude...America has the best haters in the world..no one tops us.


Ice Tue Mar 15, 2011 09:21 am PDT Report Abuse
I am impressed with China. I wonder how did they contact their 22,000+ citizens. China is swift and decisive. I am sure China will continue to help Japan even if it is initiating mass evacuation of its citizens.


down.0David 19 hours ago Report Abuse
well said, Ice.


1Please sign in to rate this comment up.Please sign in to rate this comment down.1Chowski 19 hours ago Report Abuse
As a US expat, you are supposed to register with your local embassy so they can contact you in case of an evacuation or problem. Where I live, I get updates from
the US Embassy every month. I assume that in China it is not optional to register.


down.0RobertK 9 hours ago Report Abuse
I would expect that given the situation on the ground, the evacuation of Chinese citizens from Japan actually IS a way of helping. Also, I think that the past is not so distant and that it is worth mentioning that this might represent a great bridge to healing between Japan and here regional neighbors.
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down.2Sergent Velcro Tue Mar 15, 2011 08:20 am PDT Report Abuse
Experts in Japan are expecting the shortage of electricity in the NE to continue well into summer and full recovery will take 2 to 3 years. If this year's summer in Japan is anything like last year's, they are in for a rough ride with many more deaths due to heatstroke. Anyone that can leave the area should do so and spare the resources for those that really need it.
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日本专?#20197;?#35745;东北部电力缺乏会?#20013;?#33267;夏天,两三年后才会全面?#25351;礎?#22914;果这个夏天和去年夏天一样,他们就会有更多人因为地震影响而死了。 所有能离开此地的人?#21152;?#31163;开,并且提供他们急需的物资。

ThomasC Tue Mar 15, 2011 11:43 am PDT Report Abuse
My sympathies to Japan not withstanding, I think we will see a movement towards more local production of electricity, such as solar on the roofs, and horizontal type windmills, from here on out. This is probably the end of nuclear electric as a main domestic production for most of the planet. We will have to increase efficiency in appliances to reduce the amount of energy used, until what is used at a reduced rate seems normal. It will be better for civilization if we do.


2Please sign in to rate this comment up.Please sign in to rate this comment down.0Rektree Tue Mar 15, 2011 08:38 am PDT Report Abuse
Why do I think the least of their worries right now is heatstroke?


1Please sign in to rate this comment up.Please sign in to rate this comment down.0Mike Tue Mar 15, 2011 08:56 am PDT Report Abuse
unless they plan to use more coal & oil.

除非他们要用煤矿?#21152;汀?br />

Poseidon18 20 hours ago Report Abuse
Will all haters just shut up? China is actually evacuating and helping its stranded citizens in Japan. Would the US government really do the same? Remember not too long ago the government even exposed a CIA agent in Iran or whatever which pretty much spelled that man's death.
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down.0The Liger 19 hours ago Report Abuse
Lets not forget our celebrities are already busy making jokes about it... man it makes us look really bad.


down.1God Is Watching Yall 20 hours ago Report Abuse
18...americans love to hate, its their favorite thing to do...and if the people in trouble are not white (Hati, Japan)...man thats just iceing on the hate cake.


Let's just hope the nuclear meltdown does not happen. Best of luck Japan


24Please sign in to rate this comment up.Please sign in to rate this comment down.1Yohani 21 hours ago Report Abuse

As a matter of fact, the Chinese were the first on the ground with rescue teams and tons of supplies.
They have also pledged about USD 4 millions of cash assistance.
Check the facts before spitting hatred.


David 19 hours ago Report Abuse
True, well said, Yohani. I like Cjinese.


down.1Yohani Tue Mar 15, 2011 08:31 am PDT Report Abuse
Japan reserves the right to coordinate help that is offered. For obvious reasons. There are more than 90 countries offering help as of yesterday.
Japan stipulates that all countries offering help has to be self sufficient in terms of their food, water, medical needs and shelter.
The UN Vice President of Disaster Assistance said her office is coordinating incoming help offers in conjuction with Japan.
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down.2Nomas Yada Tue Mar 15, 2011 08:58 am PDT Report Abuse
I hate to burst your bubble but not 90 counties, figure 90 include international organization and private groups. I don’t see Muslim country or Muslim organizations jumping into help.


down.2M.J. Tue Mar 15, 2011 10:44 am PDT Report Abuse
Lets be honest, most of those countries let alone organisations can offer very little real help.


down.2Yohani Tue Mar 15, 2011 09:04 am PDT Report Abuse
How do you know?
I heard it from the VP of UN Disaster Relief.


Yohani Tue Mar 15, 2011 10:44 am PDT Report Abuse
Good point.
Having the manufacturing hub of the world close by is helpful this time.
China can mobilize to send the tents to Japan much faster than most on earth.
The inventory is there. The manufacturing is there.
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0Please sign in to rate this comment up.Please sign in to rate this comment down.0Reader 15 hours ago Report Abuse
Yes, China has done that a few days ago. With Resecue team, fund and material.


down.3Abe Tue Mar 15, 2011 09:06 am PDT Report Abuse
It's actually scary how much power and influence the media has in deciding which stories to publish and how the information is presented. China offered Japan assistance right away and sent one of the first aid teams over. I have yet to see this reported on Yahoo!
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down.1 Tue Mar 15, 2011 10:08 am PDT Report Abuse
Both Japan & China have a lot of cash in reserve. But now, cash is not very useful. Japan desperately need tents, blankets and lights which China is sending to Japan.


Seriously? At a time like this? People linking tibet and taiwan and all that political @#$%? Japan is in need of help and all you can do is bash China? For all of you sitting on your high horses, get the fk off them and do some good. At least China is helping, what have you done?
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真的么?在这种时候?人们联想到台湾和西藏和其它政治问题? 日本现在需要帮助然后你们干的就是诽谤中国?你们这些袖手旁观的?#19968;錚?#36895;速放开?#25351;?#27963;。至少中国在帮忙,你们干吗了?

down.0M.J. Tue Mar 15, 2011 11:21 am PDT Report Abuse
Chinese dont hate the Japanese, Chinese just dislike the Japanese for thier complete lack of sincerity of regreting their past war crimes.


0Yohani Tue Mar 15, 2011 01:56 pm PDT Report Abuse
There is something call moving on.

The fact that Japan practises revisionism with her textbooks, denying their invasion and occupation of both Korea and China is a bone of contention for both victim countries.

Both Korea and China are weary of Japan because the latter has refused to acknowledge and take responsibility for their war crimes.

But hatred is bad for both the abused and abuser. It is better for the abused to be moving on while not forgetting.


down.0Herbertl Tue Mar 15, 2011 11:14 am PDT Report Abuse
so you dont hate the people who flew the planes at the world trade center? if you don't then most probably the chinese wont hate what happened to them during world war to where millions of them have been rape and brutally killed.


China helping ? best joke of the day, you have to learn history, live in China and Japan and will see how China hates Japan


Bête Noire Tue Mar 15, 2011 08:22 am PDT Report Abuse
The excreta has hit the proverbial fan and still all this squabbling about who's done what for whom. Move on. Decency requires that we all do what we can without looking over our shoulders to see if the other guy is keeping up. You shame yourselves. We're better than this.
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2Please sign in to rate this comment up.Please sign in to rate this comment down.0Seesay Tue Mar 15, 2011 08:39 am PDT Report Abuse
You're right. I wish I'd never opened the topic, but I did speculate that under-reporting might be the culprit, as seems to be the case.


Yohani Tue Mar 15, 2011 08:53 am PDT Report Abuse
Good point. Everybody does what they can to help Japan. Where do you read about detailed reports of what other countries do to help Japan? I have not managed to do so in our media.
Why are we in a better position to help?
- We are still the richest nation on earth. E.G.Our citizen earns $150 per day, the Chinese is earning ~$15, after the "phenomenal" growth
-We have 11 air carriers, two of them in the vicinity(to project power), Japan has none nor does China. Russia has one. These carriers can fly hundreds of airplanes from the coast. A very useful equipment for disaster relief.
People are grateful for our help. The criticism is around our foreign policies. E.G. We kept dictators and despos in place to serve our own interests at the expense of the people ruled by these despos. We support the ocupatin and human rights abuses of Israel, sending them 3 billion every year while they keep on building illegal settlements on occupied land. That is just a small example.


Jay E Tue Mar 15, 2011 08:29 am PDT Report Abuse
I am in China, Shanghai. Just because some of you and the people in charge of the American media don't report on what China is doing, doesn't mean China isn't doing anything. China is doing a lot to help Japan. They have sent numerous relief teams not only to Japan, but also to New Zealand when Christchurch was hit. Now the Chinese are worried about another quake somewhere in the region. Don't forget that China has suffered a loss in 2008, they lost over 60,000 people. China is doing a lot and the people in China for the most part are disregarding the history of oppression Japan laid on them, because they know that although Japan refuses to admit and to apologize for what they have done to China, the right thing to do is to help the Japanese. I see a lot of Chinese people donating money to help the Japanese. It's beautiful actually. It shows people can put differences aside and target the real problem at hand. I suggest some of you read the news that exists outside your encapsulated spheres.
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我就在中国,上海。因为你们有一些人以及美国媒体人没有报道中国的帮助不表示中国什么都没有做。中国帮了日本很多。他们送去了不少救援队,不止去日本,上次新西兰地震也去了。现在中国人正在忙着本地另外的地震。别忘了中国2008在地震中受的苦难,6万人过世。中国帮了很多,中国人大部分也在此时暂放因为日本侵略的成见,因为他们知道尽管日本拒绝向他们所作所为道?#31119;?#29616;在最重要的?#21069;?#21161;日本人。 我看很多中国人捐钱了。这真是美好。这展现了人们放下隔阂专著迎击手头上的困难。我希望你们中的一些人能够读读你们这个?#32791;?#20043;外的新闻。

down.1Jay E Tue Mar 15, 2011 09:06 am PDT Report Abuse
F me? Okay. Well, keep hating, hater. Read a book while you're at it.


Seesay Tue Mar 15, 2011 08:37 am PDT Report Abuse
It is true that our media (and yours as well) control not only what we know, but IF we know.


Rennie Press Tue Mar 15, 2011 09:12 am PDT Report Abuse
Thanks, Jay.
People in the US have the FREEDOM to access news from across the planet, but they don't bother. They take the pablum from "TV" and generally assume that is reality.....
So much for taking advantage of our freedoms....


down.5M.J. Tue Mar 15, 2011 11:08 am PDT Report Abuse
All media are biased, and do political correct brainwashing on the masses, my experience from several countries including China, US, EU and japan. China are the worst, US are the 2nd, EU abit better, ironicly Japan are actually worser than the US, but a intresting factor is that the chinese are the most sceptical of thier media, while the Japanese are least sceptical, generally people from a free media society are by far more susceptive to media bias and blindly trust them, especially when it comes to report of a foriegn country. I am talking about main stream media ofc.


Mark Tue Mar 15, 2011 11:12 am PDT Report Abuse
Mainly because the news you bring to the table was faked by your government. Also because the news isn't about who helps first its about who will be there from the beginning to the end. By the way your Chinese government used a movie clip from the 1980's as news to show how awesome your military is. Too bad it was a clip from an american movie called TOP-GUN... And you want that we respect your so called news! Please we get the list of countries that have sent rescue crews to Japan we just dont that you are trying to make this into a he said she said rescue operation.


down.1M.J. Tue Mar 15, 2011 11:38 am PDT Report Abuse
@Mark So what? That clip of top gun was detected by chinese themself and put on internet, as I have said, the chinese doesnt trust thier news, while westerners trust thier news too much. By far more susceptical to political correct propaganda.

@Mark 所?#38405;兀?#37027;个影片还是中国人自己发现并且放上网的。我说了,中国人不怎么相信他们的新闻,而西方人太过于相信了。意味着更多的政治性正确的宣传

New Dawn Tue Mar 15, 2011 02:11 pm PDT Report Abuse
Blah blah blah..... China invaded Vietnam and it's neighbors a hundred times over, and killed millions. Did China ever apologize? China is still doing it! Nature will sort out what God had intended!


Jay E Tue Mar 15, 2011 03:35 pm PDT Report Abuse
My Government? I'm not Chinese. I'm American. Idiots.


down.0M.J. Tue Mar 15, 2011 04:28 pm PDT Report Abuse
Give me a break about China invaded Vietnam, Vietnam was Chinese territory for over a 1000 years, and they did a couple rebellions, China suppressed it, and this was several hundreds of years ago, and millions killed my A ZZ. China didnt invade any of its neigbor, period. And dont start with tibet again.


down.0The Liger Tue Mar 15, 2011 04:34 pm PDT Report Abuse
@ New Dawn, do you have any idea what you are talking about? The Sino Vietnamese war was fought because Vietnamese invaded and occupied Cambodia. When we turn the clock back even more, when the French invaded and colonized Vietnam the only people that came to their aid were the Chinese who themselves were being invaded by the French, English, American, Russian, Austrians, Italians, Germans and Japanese . Not surprised you had to resort to mentioning God because you obviously lack any kind of secular education.

给New Dawn你知道你说什么?知道中越战争么么,因为越南人侵略了柬埔寨。当我们回到那时,法国人侵略并殖民了越?#24076;?#37027;个时候只有中国人跑来援助尽管自己?#29615;?#33521;美俄奥意德日入侵。不奇怪你必须求助于上帝因为你明显缺乏一种世俗教育。

If AP is reporting what China is doing to evacuate its own citizens, why not mention the fact that they are also helping to evacuate the Japanese as well? Why not mention the fact that they've sent several batches of tents, blankets, and emergency lighting? What about the near $5 million that they have pledged already to help?

Wait, because AP is, had been, and always will be, Anti-China.


John Tue Mar 15, 2011 08:15 am PDT Report Abuse
@seesay ,
You are right, China's assistance is under reported in American media, and that applies to other countries including the US closest neighbor ... Canada. It would be bad publicity to show other countries providing aid and assistance. It is government propoganda, through the US media to show mainly it is the US providing the bulk of assistance, when in fact many countries are contributing as much as the United States. Unfortunately, the American people gets a very limited view of what really happens in the world and that perpetuates the view that only the United States is providing generous assistance for other peoples through out the world, when in fact it is all PROPOGANDA.


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