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"If it wasn't for us you'd be speaking German" is/has often been said to British people (and possibly other Europeans) on a regular basis.

“要不是我们,你们早说德语了。”这句话(曾)常常?#32654;?#23450;期?#26434;?#22269;人(?#37096;?#33021;是其他?#20998;?#20154;)说(chao feng)。


Note: to those who came late to this question and haven't realized it was asked with good natured light hearted intention. No need to get hot and bothered.

注意:保持冷静,不要撕逼!(译者:不要这样!我要看老外撕逼!(?ω?) )

Yuqi Yang
Written May 21 2015
Here's a Chinese joke: if Japan ever took the whole China in WWII Japanese people would be speaking Chinese now.


In history China was conquered by foreign army twice the first time was by the Mongolians and the second time was by Manchurians. Results are Kublai Khan used Chinese in official documents and Manchurian people now are totally assimilated by Han Chinese and their own language was on the brink of extinction.


Andy Lee Chaisiri93 votes Show
>>Here's a Chinese joke: if Japan ever took the whole China in WWII Japanese people would be speaking Chinese now.


Rather humorously Hitler actually made a similar statement paraphrasing his East Asia adviser when he was told that Japan was invading China:


 "the Japanese would win the war but that in the long run they'd be absorbed by the Chinese"


Uri Granta73 votes Show
Interestingly the same was true of the central Asian conquerors of India (the Delhi sultanate the Mughals) but not of the British where the ruling class stayed distinct throughout the Raj. Modern imperialism seems to be much more resistant to assimilation than was historically the case. Fortunately we never found out what would have happened in the case of China and Japan.


Brian Collins2 votes Show
In both the situations you mentioned the foreign forces moved their government headquarters to China.
I doubt that if Japan took China they would have moved their capital to Beijing and administrated everything from there.


Jim Kenyon43 votes Show
Kind of reminds me of "We are the Borg. Your biological and technological distinctiveness will be added to our own. Resistance is futile."


Lynne Miles-Morillo23 votes Show
Funny answer but I had a serious internal response to this. I think that calling Manchurians and Mongols "foreign" is a suspiciously post-industrial projection of the idea of *nation* onto historical events where that concept does not necessarily belong.  Just saying.  "Chinese" is a construct. In the Yuan.  In the Qing.  And ESPECIALLY today.


Walter Winston28 votes Show
Your basis of argument is flaw. The Mongolians and Manchurians conquered China and assimilated because:
1. They do not have strong culture/historical value of its own. They are nomad. Their language advancement is very limited.
2. They do not have governing system. Hence either they create one but they can't because they do not know how. No prior knowledge or people in their tribe who is smart enough in creating a new government system.
3. They do not have intention to conquer China and overwrite China culture. In fact they admire it.
Japanese on the other hand has all 3 elements to not accept Chinese culture.


1. 他们自身并没有?#30475;?#30340;文化/历史观。他们是?#25991;?#27665;族,而且语言的发展演变也非常的有限。
2. 他们没有政府系?#24120;?#20182;们也?#35805;?#27861;创建一套政府体系,因为他们根本不知?#26469;?#20309;处着手。没有经验可借用,部落里也没有如此大智慧的人能创造出一套新的政府系?#22330;?
3. 他们没有颠覆中原文化的意图,实际上他们仰慕中原文化。


Leah Ma15 votes Show
So true!  They always absorbed all their conquerers because they were obviously the superior culture AND because there were a heck of a lot more Chinese than there were conquerers.  The Japanese would indeed be speaking Chinese now--but we're all glad that didn't happen because that would have resulted in many more deaths of Chinese.


Melanie Reynolds2 votes Show
I have never heard an American say such a thing.   No doubt there are some Americans who might say it.  Actually  it seems to me China does not feature very much at all in the American's thoughts on WW2.


Guillermo Schwarz1 vote by Alexandr Nikitin
One question: I thought the Huns under Attila also conquered the whole of China.
Attila took several cities in the roman empire so most people think he conquered from all of China to almost all of Europe up to some parts France.
If I'm not mistaken it is pretty common nowdays to find people called Attila in Hungary... meaning the land of the Huns... meaning they stayed there to these days...




Liu Hongtao(刘鸿韬)18 votes Show
This only works when the Conquered culture was much more well established and rooted than that of the Conquerers'. Japanese culture and society was already pretty well established and deeply rooted by the War.


Mark Owens16 votes Show
I think it should be noted here that the "War of Resistance" didn't begin at Pearl Harbor.   The Chinese despite political divisions within the new Republic and a very limited industrial base did manage to resist Japanese aggression sufficient to push the Japanese into expanding the war .....and creating a situation that would end it with their surrender.  Once the USA was fully into the war the path West to Japan and Victory.....was smoothed by all the Japanese divisions STILL committed to China and Manchuria/Manchukuo.   Victory in Coalition warfare is a team effort.


Andrew Rei7 votes Show
This is a fascinating question. I see that a few commentors have mentioned that the Japanese would be speaking Chinese if they conquered China in WWII (LMAO).
One thing Fascist regimes (and yes the Japanese were Fascists before and during WWII) is to require the natives of another country to "assimilate" the conquering country's language during occupation. Many of the young people in the European countries that were "satellite" countries of the old Soviet unx don't realize that they're really speaking Russian because that's what the Soviets required of their older relatives/citizens when they rolled in.
There is however some history even in Asia where the assimilation of the counquering country's language was rejected by the natives after the conquerors were repelled: the Philippines. Yes the islands are named after the Spanish King who conquered them; but when the natives drove out the Spanish they kept the new name of the country and a few Spanish words but went back to speaking their native language Tagalog.
In my opinion the Japan-China situation could have gone either way after WWII. But only a racist American fool would say to the Chinese "if it weren't for us you'd be speaking Japanese". And that's sounds EXACTLY like something a radical Republican would say.





David Jensen5 votes Show
Other examples:
The old man in Catch-22 who was talking with Nately about how Italy would always survive no matter how much it lost.
The Normans conquered England and were conquered culturally in return.


Matt Espina4 votes Show
Worth mentioning that the Japanese already assimilated traditional Chinese characters ages ago; they call it Kanji.  Japanese who can't speak a lick of Chinese can still read all the Chinese signs when they go for tourism though simplified Chinese is a little different (and now the official Chinese language set). It isn't very hard for a Japanese native to pick that up either.


Long Pham
You forgot the Liao and Jin dynasties founded respectively by the Khitans and the Jurchens. They did not occupy the entire China though only the northern part. The Southern Song dynasty continued to rule in the southern part until all were conquered by the Mongols.


Joe Lee4 votes Show
I'm a Chinese but I don't exactly agree with this viewpoint. And I can give a counter example to support my point When Taiwan was occupied by Japan during1895-1945 when Taiwanese were forced to learn Japanese from childhood and was forbided to name their child with Chinese name. And many people even can't speak Chinese after liberation language is the carrier of a Nation culture if a national language went extinct can it still be considered they still remain their original culture. Not to mention many Chinese dressed like Japanese during that period such as Denghui Lee who was under the influence of Bushido.
And thanks god Japan was defeated eventually. As you know many big Chinese cities like Shanghai Beijing and Nanjing were controled by Japan even just before Japan declared surrender.
We need to thank America indeed I think at least they helped to accelerate the end of this invasion war.



Stephen Shi2 votes Show
Firstly I am Chinese.


I don't agree with you. The twice conquests have an common point. Comparing to Chinese, Mongolians and Manchurians were savage and uncultured civilization. At that time Chinese has high agriculture civilization. But in 1930s-40s Japanese industrial civilization was developper than Chinese.  Do you know Japan conquer  the three northeast provinces of China and Taiwan. Up to now many old people could still speak Japanese.


Peng-Fun Chang
>> In history China was conquered by foreign army twice


Ancient China much like ancient everyone else didn’t have a well defined concept of ‘foreign’. So when you state that China had been conquered by foreign army twice the validity of the statement depends on what you count as foreign. The history of China has always been a history of ‘barbaric’ fringe players (from the perspective of the Han people the concept of which is itself a socio-historical construct) interacting and occasionally merging into the Han cultural sphere. Uprising of the Five Barbarians might as well be seen as yet another example of foreign invasion.


Scott Rainey5 votes Show
I've only been to China for a few days all before the return of Hong Kong in 1997.  That brief exposure was sufficient to tell me that it was Hong Kong that was actually going to take over China.  I said so fairly often at the time.


Look at pix of any Chinese City today vs 15 years ago. Now look at any pic of HK before 1997. 


Japan became an industrial capitalist society between the Meiji Restoration and 1941.  CocaCola always wins.


Jason Tchai1 vote by Parker Zhang
I love that I can meet many chinese from China on Quora and grasp their perspectives on the world.

我很高兴能从 Quora上认识许多中国人,能了解他们的世界观。

Let's hope that Quora will always be accessible from inside China.


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Jordan Pugh2 votes Show
The word used to describe this phenomenon of chinese submission is sinofication I believe.


George Foss1 vote by Don Tan
If it wasn't for the Chinese holding 10 Japanese Armies at bay the US (which barely won the Pacific Campaign against three Japanese Armies spread out) would be speaking Japanese now eating Sushi and driving Japanese Cars. Wait just a minute 2 out of 3.


Mark Chan1 vote by George Foss
Given the contribution by the Chinese in the war the Chinese could also tell the Americans "If it wasn't for us you'd be speaking Japanese". If Chinese surrendered and collaborated with the Japanese America will fall. Just look at Korean war - the Chinese fought the American to a standstill with basically no technology. Now what would happen if Industrailised Japan had all the resources and man power in China to fight the Americans? The Allied Victory was a team effort.


Subramanian Nagarajan
The japanese wanted a scorched earth policy in China. Was it really possible that anything Chinese will ever remain if that occurred?


Khanjan Damania
Did I read Manchurian? Are they people like Americans Europeans or Indians?
And here I thought Machurian was just Chinese delicacy hugely popular in India.
I feel sad at my current state of general knowledge right now.


Abhishek Jain
And I just ate Chaomin with Manchurian. I wonder if my stomach is going to be a battlefield now. ;-)
Did I just make a racist joke?



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