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19 year old dies after abuse in chinese internet rehab
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In 2008, China's government added an entry to the list of conditions classified as mental illnesses: "Internet addiction." According to numerous reports in state-run media, China's young people were spending too much time in Internet cafes, ignoring family or work to play online games into the wee hours, sometimes neglecting to eat, drink, or sleep, and endangering their own health.


A 19-year-old girl, referred to as Guo Lingling (this may be a pseudonym), was allegedly struck and kicked repeatedly by her so-called instructors after failing to ask permission to go to the bathroom. An autopsy report showed she died from skull injuries and brain damage.


Local educational authorities have since revoked Zhengzhou Boqiang New Idea Life Training School's license and launched an investigation into its record. Hauntingly, the school's website remains online, replete with photos of students in camouflage uniforms performing drills and attending what the site labels "wonderful lectures."


larryx • 8 months ago
internet addiction aside, brutal methods of dealing with trivial matters reminds one that the medicine (in this case) is worse than the illness.


MrRalphF . larryx • 8 months ago
Yeah, like the whole idea of trying to "reform" homosexuality.


SandraRubenstein46 larryx • 8 months ago
The scary part of this all is that it can happen to anyone. Government power has no bounds. It really makes me reflect on how fragile life can be. I have two healthy kids, and while I think my baby making days are behind me, my kids will probably depend upon my wife and I for the next 20 years. It makes me glad that my wife and I pay the $15 a month to LifeAnt Insurance for the life insurance policies on us, just in case something happned to us. We do travel pretty often too. It seems that the length of time that children depend upon their parents is increasing rapidly. I shudder to think what would happen to my family if my wife or I couldn't be there.
The brave new world is upon us in some cases. Help us all.


Nekrod larryx • 8 months ago
More and more adults take it upon themselves to really break their kids down.. so they can be rebuilt. I think the most horrible of these atrocities lies with the most trivial of situations and the outcome is monstrous.


Guest • 8 months ago
How does a 19-year old get sent to a boot camp against her will? God save us from savage Chinese fascism.


Curmudgeon Guest • 8 months ago
God save us from American Fascism too!


Curmudgeon jleland • 8 months ago
First of all, the post implies it is the Chinese government's fault for this camp. It is a privately run camp. Second of all, we don't know if the person responsible was or was not prosecuted--they may well have been. Third, our own government is often considered fascist by many. Consider:

首先,该文章暗示是中国政府的错误。但是这是一个私人经营的训练营。其?#21361;?#21363;使我们不知道责任人有没有被起诉 - 他们都会这么做的。第三,我们自己的政府通常被许多人认为是法西斯。

1. our congress is bought by the rich and corporations

2. it is not one person, one vote

3. the relationship between our military-industrial complex is cozy, too cozy 

4. we spend more on the military budget than the next 15 nations combined

5. our criminal justice system shows that minorities are more likely to end up in prison, spend more time behind bars, and get convicted than the wealthy in our society--even when those with more money commit the same or more serious crimes

5.我们的刑事司法系统显示,在我们的社会中少数族裔更可能最终被关进在监狱里,并且比富人更容易被判有罪 - 即使?#20999;?#23500;人犯有更加严重的罪。

6. there was a news article just several days ago about a woman who could not pay the fine for her daughter being habitually truant from school so she (the mother) was put in jail where she died of natural causes. Think about it--only in a fascist country would something like this happen and the examples of these types of injustices in the U.S. go on and on. Or 3 strikes laws where some are serving a life sentence for stealing dvd movies from a Kmart or taking their cousin's written driver's license test and getting caught (third strike--going to prison for life). Ridiculous. Makes me think I'm living in Mussolini's Italy or Hitler's Germany.

6.这里有一个几天前的新闻,一个女人因为没有缴纳女儿逃学的罚款,所以她被投入监狱,最后她死在那里。想想吧 - 只有在一个法西斯国家里才有这样的事情发生,这些不公正的例子在美国不胜枚举。或者那个愚蠢的三次被捕法令,如果一个人从凯马特?#30331;?#19968;盘电影DVD或抢了表弟的驾照,如果是第三次就将被终身监禁。真是可笑。我觉得我生活在墨索里尼的意大利和希特勒的德国。

CChew Guest • 8 months ago
Often it happens to younger people. But in this case it looks entirely illegal. However, counting the context that there is no welfare in China and the girl maybe was addicted to internet, so she was very likely lived on her parents, and then if her parents asked her to stay in the camp, she had to obey.


Economic dependency will decide your freedom

7¿9¿A¿u • 8 months ago
Physical abuse is all too common in Chinese society, especially in the family.


marley • 8 months ago
this cruelty method is no longer acceptable in civilized world nor effective way to stop people from their nasty habit. china not only used harsh, humilation but also physical abuse to set "FEAR" rather physiological approach to let the victims learn their mistakes from their action…. china alway emphasis the commie ideology in every thing they do, disregarding the rights of the individual. the commie chinese are the one that needs to go to "RE-EDUCATION CAMP" they are the one making the life of the chinese people a hell. chinese people should rise against this inhuman treatment from your commie govt… join the hong kong movement for more better treatment, not intimidation, people will be more productive, when you give them the respect and a good treatment they have been longing to have it for so long now. china needs to learn and live as the new world generation dictates. STOP LIVING FROM THE MEDIEVAL AGES, GET CONTACT TO THE OUTSIDE CHINA PEACEFULLY. THIS WORLD WILL BE BETTER PLACE TO LIVE W/OUT BULLYING.


StrangeOne • 8 months ago

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